Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Business environments are changing rapidly. With rising travel costs and increasing business pressures, your senior executives face the challenges of reducing costs, improving efficiency and at the same time being available wherever they are needed. Now Global Audiovideo Solution Pvt. Ltd. offer video conferencing services whenever you need them, at a very reasonable price.

Our team provides you with the equipment and support so that important business meetings and events can be shared across people (and offices) at various locations. This means that for a very reasonable investment (no capital expenses) your team can be wherever and whenever you want them to be.

Global Audiovideo Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a conferencing destination with state-of-the-art facilities for conducting conferences, trainings, meetings, interviews, audio or video and web conferencing. With an outstanding indoor air quality, every minute turns out to be productive.

Conference Rooms Features
  • Separate breakout room within conference suites
  • Video and Tele conferencing facility
  • Large Screen Multi System TV, Sound System
  • Overhead Projector and Screen, Television, White Board, Panafax Board
  • Internet, Telephone and VOIP
  • Cordless Microphones, Voice & Video recorders
  • Telephone and Fax


Video Conferencing

The Rental Plans

To provide your teams with the maximum amount of flexibility, our rental services are extended not only at our own offices, but also to your office or meeting locations.

On-site video conferencing services:
Our team provides the equipment that is required (can include end-points, MCU, audio and displays) at any venue that is specified by you – your offices, a client location or hotel.

Off-site video conferencing facilities:
Your team can conduct or participate in a video conferencing interaction from one of our own fully-equipped video conferencing facilities

Question On-site video conferencing services Off-site video conferencing facilities
What is this? Equipment supply at your location for video conferencing services Availability of our video conferencing facilities for use by your team
How is it charged for? Full-day (upto 8 hrs) charges Half hourly usage charge (minimum charge applicable)
What’s included? Video conferencing endpoint & operator Fully equipped facility with video conferencing endpoint, operator, bandwidth, displays and audio setup
Options available? Multi-party video conferencing MCU and displays Multi-party video conferencing MCU
What video quality? IUpto High Definition (HD) DVD quality