Home Automation

Only Projector creates the ultimate Homes with the personalized preferences of the Owners. It takes into account the taste of the occupants of the house. It refers to fully automate the environment of the house at the touch of a button. All the presets be it morning, evening, movies, music, party, etc. are saved in the pre-defined pre-sets and can be recalled at the touch of a button. For creating the best environment controls Only Projector employs the world’s best environment control specialist’s for making the Home fully automatic. It brings together all the devices & products which you use daily in a single application. It not only controls the lighting, movies, music, party, security, climate, etc. but also your mood. For more details please fill the form to get in touch with our specialist’s.

Office Automation

Only Projector takes into account the minute details for creating the perfect atmosphere, be it Conference’s, Cubicle Area, Reception, CEO Room, etc., there is the perfect ambience set up at the touch of the button.

Your Detail