VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) :

The full form of VSAT is Very Small Aperture Terminal, which facilitates a high speed satellite based communications network for Personal Networks. Today VSAT is very useful communication medium, especially for Education, News, media, shipping, Oil Mining, Gas & Energy, Automobile Sectors etc. and that areas where internet connectivity is not available. By using VSAT, you easily operate your business processes in the remote location. Global Audio Video Solutions provide a wide variety of VSAT Products which are as following:

  • Portable Fly-Away VSAT
  • Vehicle Dependant Drive Away VSAT
  • GX Compatible System
  • VSAT Maritime System
  • Technologies to transmit video.

Global Audio Video Solutions is a World’s leading VSAT Processes Provider which has a proven large number of installations in Education Sector. We offer customized solutions related to the satellite-based networks in the field of data, voice and video communications in various sectors. Technological Advancement gives an increases a lot of benefit in terms of Business Revenues, Business Connectivity, Business Customers and many more.

Benefit of VSAT Services with Global Audio Video Solutions:

Global Audio Video Solutions is fully dedicated VSAT Service Provider for our customer and regularly work on customer satisfaction through VSAT Services. We are the leader in the VSAT services or marketplace among our competitors, our VSAT services is fully demanded in the today’s

market with the following benefits:

  • Best Voice, data communications
  • High Quality Products
  • Business oriented solutions
  • Demo Training before installations
  • 24*7 Customer support services
  • Services Centres availability